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Wing Commander Ramesh Gupta


Certified Scrum Master, Trainer, Coach, Guide, Mentor, CSM, CSP, SAFe Agilist, EXIN ASM, PMP, RMP, PBA, ACP

Mr Ramesh Gupta, B Tech IIT Kanpur, MTech is an Ex IAF Officer with more than three decades of professional experience in Project Management , Quality Assurance , teaching and training. He has conducted Project Management trainings worldwide for organizations like J P Morgan Chase, Citibank, Volvo, Schneider Electric, Invensys, GMR Infrastructure, Michelin. He has worked in companies located in India and USA. He has held key positions and was Head of Department at MIT Pune. Training Manager at San Francisco, California, USA.

Nitin Malhotra



Nitin Malhotra has more than 10 years of training experience with expertise in hardware & networking. He is a certified CCNA, CCNP R&S, BGP, Advanced BGP, MPLS, CCNA Service Provider and CCNP Service Provider. His key training projects at Power Track include EMC Square, GBM Qatar, Nepal Electricity Authority, Angola Communication System, Lira Link Angola, The Research Council of Oman etc.

Anas Mohammad



Anas Mohammad has more than 15 years of Cisco and Juniper training and consulting experience. A certified Cisco Certified Internet work Expert (CCIE -SP), CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, BGP, MPLS. ETCP-203 (ErIcsson Certified Associates), ETCP-111 (Ericsson Certified Technology – IPv6).

Pradeep Sharma


Windows Azure, Office 365, SharePoint 2010, 2013

Pradeep Sharma has more than 12 years of Microsoft Technologies training and consulting experience. He is certified and has hands on experience and expert knowledge of Windows Azure, Office 365, SharePoint 2010, 2013, Microsoft Private Cloud, SCCM 2012, SCOM 2012, Service Manager 2012, Windows Server 2012.

Vinella Ramgoolam


Microsoft Certified Trainer

Vinella has more than 18 years of training experience and her field of competencies are Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, Project, Access, Visio, One note. Her audience has been mainly corporate and has also trained students, tertiary workers, social workers

Abhilash Varghese


Leader – Information Security , Risk & Compliance

An astute & competent professional with more than a decade of industry experience in the domain of Information Security, IT Governance, Cyber Security, Risk and Compliance Management, IT audits and assurance, process improvement, infrastructure management at strategic levels for Information technology & security domains for organisation ranging from Non-Profit Organizations, software development, BPO, KPO Etc

The weakest link in Agile Transformation

Every agile transformation begins with promise of removing the roadblocks to seamless delivery. However time and again one particular area demonstrates to be slow in adapting agile. And which area might that be? Yes, the bastion of Product Management.

Thankfully the era has ended wherein one line requirements were thrown over the wall to developers, who were left to their own devices to figure out the requirements specifications and to behold even the Acceptance Criteria.

It takes vision and resilience to transition from an era of “Product Management Isolation” to the bold new era wherein the Product Management is responsible for prioritizing, detailing the requirement specifications and user story statements.

So, how is the Product management faring in the new world? Progress is good but there is a long road ahead to unlearn old behavior patterns. It needs the ripe “agile mindset” for behavior changes, unlike most agile practices which can be brought in quickly, behavior changes take time and practice. And in this context regular team collaboration and conversations become crucial.

Teams are highly energized and motivated by the regular in   depth discussions and conversations with Product Management. People want to contribute and want to build great products, but they can do so only if they know what the customer wants.

Product Management is the crucial link between business side and the technical side of a product. Its absence makes the team rudderless and its presence provides the team direction and focus.

Azure Training

Windows Azure is a scalable and highly available platform that facilitates users to develop, deploy and host web applications. Windows Azure is:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that provides a virtual machine that serves as a cloud server and allows you to manage everything including the OS running the web applications. The operations can be carried out from the remote desktop and on-premise virtual machine as a server.
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that enables the developers to work without worrying about the load balancers, and software requirements to be fulfilled to build web applications. The whole execution is performed by the web roles and worker roles. The azure cloud service is composed of the configuration files and the source codes and all the tedious operations are handled by Azure thereby enabling you to focus on the quality business logic building.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that provides users to build robust web, highly available and scalable web applications without worrying to install complex software. Drupal, phpBB, WordPress, and OpenX sites can be configured with single click. With a minimal configuration, you are relived from writing lengthy codes and deployment issues.

The Azure Advantage

Azure is an ultimate platform for all your development, deployment and debug related worries without making any special arrangements for the platform components.

Working with a PaaS like Azure provides certain exclusive features and that’s why being so favourite of the developers:

  1. To enable the developers creating applications that are highly available and scalable, Azure provides a cloud platform fully equipped with the software, machines and the load balancers thereby reliving the developers from nightmares of arranging all these.
  2. The support for tables, blobs and queues is available as a storage service from Azure that eliminates all worries of developers and lets them concentrate on developing the effective business logics.
  3. Azure allows you to deploy services by simply creating declarative models orchestrated by the Fabric Controller. The Fabric Controller not only monitors the hardware and software activities but also accommodates situations like failures or dynamic changes. The developers are thereby set free from worrying to hire or arrange the hardware and other managements.
  4. With a rich development experience, Azure allows to build exclusive desktop development environment which enables you to test and troubleshoot the deployments before the actual hosting it into the data centres.
  5. Data backups in the cloud is also facilitated by Azure Backup. Now leave all your fear of losing data with Azure. Just develop and deploy and store in the cloud with Azure.
  6. Azure IaaS helps you to create tailored third party software solutions or you can also run multiple web applications on a single machine using Azure IaaS

Interested in Becoming TOGAF Certified? Learn all About The Values of The Course Here!

TOGAF is the Open Group Architecture Framework and is an enterprise architecture framework. It is an approach for an enterprise information technology architecture. It begins with designing and is followed by planning, implementation and governance. TOGAF training is basically a course for candidates aspiring to be enterprise architects or looking to enhance their career opportunities in the field. The course has four domains – Data, Technology, Application and Business.

The TOGAF Certification examination has two stages that are Foundation and Certified. These two steps permit professionals to gain knowledge of the fundamentals and erect that comprehension since they turn out to be specialists. Apart from being an apparent asset for your future as it offers perfect pay scale, it is also a budget-friendly certification.

There is a high demand for Enterprise Architects since IT architecture and technology will deal with the platforms, software, technologies and systems used by an organization. Companies wishing to remain ahead of the success curve need TOGAF certified individuals to ensure there is an alignment between what the company is striving to achieve vis-a-vis the IT infrastructure adopted. Therefore, professionals who are concerned in functioning of IoT plans can benefit from TOGAF training.

The value that a TOGAF certified individual can add to an organization can be as below:
Learn the tools – A course can help a candidate develop an understanding of TOGAF functionalities and applicabilities. Knowing how to use a particular application or ability to foresee problems are necessary for success in the field.

Better understanding – As an enterprise architect, the candidate gets to oversee and overview the entire beginning from understanding the current state, the requirements of transition and the finally, the path that will ultimately lead to the successful results.

Meeting customer needs – With a TOGAF course, a candidate will learn to analyze the needs of a customer, as well as various stakeholders. The candidate will get attuned to methodologies and best practices that have earned value for organizations over the years with regard to creating customer-friendly experiences. Technical leads and developers acquire their TOGAF certification to guarantee their vocational path as an architect or in a senior architect place.

Enhanced career benefits – The successful completion of the course will enhance employability as it shows a deep understanding of TOGAF skills, technology and process. It shows that the candidate has the ability to use knowledge acquired along with the available resources to meet the company’s objectives.

Getting more challenging roles – Enterprise Architects usually work on transformational line-ups which include running numerous diverse meetings as well as projects that might embrace Architecture Review Boards, Architecture Strategy, Governance Committees, Portfolio Management and Technology Lifecycles. Frequently measured as strategic management positions, TOGAF certified experts are sought after chiefly by the biggest organizations.

Here read Question And Answers To Pass TOGAF Certification Exam

In a nutshell, TOGAF certified experts make sure there is an arrangement amid an organization’s principles & objectives and features of information technology. Technical leads and developers acquire their TOGAF certification to guarantee their vocational path as an architect. Enterprise Architects expand the company’s enduring IT strategy that works in tandem with the overall trade strategy. A certified candidate can be trusted to craft the application as well as technology strategy to guide an organization by ensuring both IT and IT-facilitated procedures run effortlessly from beginning to end.

What is the scope of CCNA and CCNP ?

CCNP stands for cisco Certified network professional and is a professional level or intermediate level search for the prestigious CCIE certification. The certifications make candidates stand eligible in case of implementation, planning, verification as well as troubleshooting of local as well as wide area based networks. Cisco introduced the CCNP certification as a professional level search for IT domain professionals having basic knowledge in primary technology of such courses.

The CCNP course has 8 different headers as follows –

  • CCNP
  • CCNPsecurity
  • CCNPvoice
  • CCNPwireless
  • CCNPserviceprovider
  • CCNPdatacenter
  • CCNP service provider operation

A huge concern the professionals have over CCNP is the relevant scope involved in the country. This concern that motivates aspirants is related to the job opportunities that could be availed after completion of any CCNP certifications. On a positive note, it is worth noting that this certification has much better and wider opportunities as compared to CCNA certification. However, you cannot overlook the fact that the latter is required as a basic stepping stone to appear for high level certifications such as CCNP. Besides having completed CCNA, track the IT professionals to utilize the skill sets learnt to better advance and understand eligibility for CCNP.

There are rumors in the market many basically prefer CCNP certified professionals who come with experience and do not consider hiring freshers at all. How about the role of companies who look for fresher candidates having CCNP to boost their potentials.

A number of companies hire professionals with CCNP certification, they are considered having valued skill set as well as a lot of advanced knowledge in the field. You can actually be sure about getting a good salary if you had a job with your CCNP certification credential. Even a fresher will be getting an average salary.

When you plan to get a CCNP certification you need to understand that getting the right mentorship and guidance is as important as simply completing the certification.

The right trainer can actually sail you through the steps to pass the CCNP online examination as well as groom you according to what concepts and ability could boost your career prospects post CCNP cert. Over the last decade, there has been a lot of innovations in science and technology and you can actually enhance your place in the IT world and be well versed with the latest courses or certificates keeping these technologies in mind.

  • While the scope for CCNP certification has been clarified well, it is time to focus on the scope of CCNA certification. It is seen as the predecessor of the course discussed before. Despite CCNA catering as a basic level course, the reality is that India is a hugely developing network hub and the demand for even basic level CCNA professionals is on the rise gradually. A lot of networks such as British Telecom, IBM and Cisco have already set up base in the Indian market and a lot of other such names are set to enter the field very soon.
  • The fact is talented CCNA certified professionals will have no dearth of jobs in the coming future. Scope of CCNA certification is in the security domain instead of the CCNA routing and switching. This is simply because of the growing need for data security protection across all organizations.
  • Once you complete your CCNA certification and training you get eligible for a number of jobs such as, engineer, technician, 2nd and 1st lines support, network support engineer and technician.
  • When you compare CCNA courses with other domains, such as software engineering or even website development the format turns out to be a much viable option for students in the technology domain.
  • Overtime, the CCNA course helps you to upgrade to a CCNP certification or finally CCIE certification.
  • In case, you want to make your career in terms of networking and have better prospects, it is best to start with CCNA and gradually move on to other certification levels. Make sure you back up some solid experience along the way as well.

To sum up, it can be concluded that both CCNA and CCNP certifications provide ample of scope in India with a shortage of quality network engineers. Besides passing the examination you actually stand certified as a subject expert of swords who has solid knowledge in the network and Technology domains. Ragging troubleshooting experience in real time is equally vital with size gaining certifications and helps getting a high rise in salary with time, once you’re armed with these certifications.

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