DevOps Foundation Certification

DevOps Foundation Training & Certification Course

DevOps training at Power Track encompasses a comprehensive set of practices, concepts and principles that help resolve lack of communication, and disconnection between Development and Operations departments of an enterprise. The struggle faced by DevOps teams is real and thankfully, manageable. Every organization faces a multitude of problems whenever dealing with these departments for software development. Therefore, this DevOps course is meant to find actionable points and workable ways to bridge the gap between Development and Operations teams.

DevOps course is ideal for project owners, managers, process stakeholders, consultants and professionals who are responsible for designing and improving DevOps/Agile process flows in an organization.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to principles of core Agile DevOps.
  • Introduction to DevOps enterprise considerations such as teams, roles and organizational structures
  • Learn various concepts and practices of DevOps that enable IT organizations to improve their service delivery capability
  • Learn through real-life case studies, interactive group discussions, demonstrations and extensive exercises
  • Ensure fast deployment and seamless workflows
  • Understand the interactions between DevOps and other frameworks such as Agile, ITSM and Lean.
Schedule for Devops Fundamentals
Course Name Exam No of (days)
DevOps Fundamentals DevOps Fundamentals 2
Total 2

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